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    NASSCOM Foundation
  • Implementation Partner
    Telangana State Forest
  • Strategic Partner

The Telangana Forest Department is seeking startups to provide novel AI solutions to monitor wildlife in its forests. The solution must predict the movement of wildlife and related characteristics.

Telangana AI Mission (T-AIM) has been established by the Government of Telangana with a vision to position Telangana as a global hub for Artificial Intelligence and foster social innovation. Powered by NASSCOM, one focus area for T-AIM is Environment & Forests.

Currently, the Telangana Forest Department monitors wildlife and human movement in the forests through movement-based camera traps that capture wildlife movements. However, extracting information from these pictures remains an expensive, time-consuming, manual task.

Problem Statement

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), this process should be automated thereby freeing up valuable time of forest beat officers for other high-priority conservation efforts. By obtaining up-to-date information about the location and behaviors of wild animals, the senior forest officials should be empowered with strategic insights to further strengthen and conserve wildlife ecosystems.

Additionally, the nature of certain forest regions is inherent to human-animal conflict. Through AI, frequent movement of humans in restricted zones can be mapped and identified automatically. This will present actionable insights for senior forest officials to take necessary action.

Desired Outcomes

An AI-based solution which can help the forest officials in

  • Gathering detailed, large-scale knowledge about the number, location, and movement behaviors of animals in the forest region
  • Identifying areas with high anthropogenic disturbances (human movement inside forest areas)
  • Providing spatio-temporal density of different species (herbivores & carnivores)
  • Identifying potential eco-tourism zones (e.g., bird watching, etc.)
  • Identifying locations where different species are likely to be present in future
  • Identifying animal and human kills
Eligibility Criteria
  • This is an opportunity for innovators to showcase their AI solution development capabilities at a larger scale
  • The winner can also avail an opportunity to implement a pilot within the State of Telangana, with mentorship and field support from the Telangana Forest Department of Government of Telangana
  • Financial support of up to INR 20 lakhs towards implementation of the pilot project with Telangana Forest Department will be made available by Capgemini India's CSR division.
Results and Winning Criteria

The teams will be judged based on approach, technique, and result.

  • Teams will be given six (6) weeks to work on the use-case
  • Teams will have to submit the results, approach, and code to be presented to the jury for evaluation
  • The winning criteria will be a combination of qualitative and qualitative methods to solve the problem
  • The decision of the jury will be final and binding.
Ranking Criteria (Parameters and Weightage)
  • Approach
  • Technical
  • Results
  • This consists of the description of how the problem statement was approached. Assumptions made. Understanding of problem statements. suggestion on how the solution can be taken to next level with the use of data/algorithms.
  • Weightage: 40%
  • This consists of code quality, use of data, scalability of the solution, use of standard libraries, algorithms used.
  • Weightage: 30%
  • This consists of accuracy of the solution by comparing it with unseen datasets
  • Weightage: 30%

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